Contact: for any sort of questions and inquiry are to be directed to

- Payment is collected via Stripe invoicing by default, if paypal is your preferred method of payment, please let me know in inquiry email.
- Do not send payment on your own.
-I will not start on the piece until it is payed in full, or, if discussed, a down payment has been received.
-With larger pieces, payment plans can be made, but client will not get the final piece until it’s payed in full
-I do not offer refunds once a piece is completed, or on any sketch pieces
-partial refunds can be offered on unfinished pieces.
-The amount of work done is subtracted from the refund amount (example, half done, half refunded).
- Extra characters are an additional 75% of cost.
---However, smaller pets (medium dog or smaller) do not count as an extra character unless there is more than two.
-I do not take revisions on sketches and linework pieces
-Any revisions to design, composition, etc. are to be requested during the sketch, once the lines are started, I cannot make any changes.
-Any smaller changes can be made at any time if they’re pointed out soon enough.
Use of artwork
- unless settled upon during inquiry, artwork is to only for personal use.
This means: do not make prints, stickers, pins, etc. If you want to use a piece commercially, I require that you pay me a portion from each unit sold.
- Art is to NEVER be used as an NFT/crypto or anything related to that technology,if you do this, I will file a DMCA claim where it is posted and you will be blacklisted.
-While monsters and horror are my specialty, I can draw a variety of different subjects.
-However, due to how my skills are specialized, I cannot draw inorganic characters.
-There are also subjects that I absolutely Will Not draw, these include, but are not limited to: pedo (or any nsfw of minors), noncon, incest, bestiality, etc.

If you have any questions as to what nsfw stuff I will draw, don’t be afraid to ask.